Bangkok Prep Undertake an Immersive Journey to Mars

Bangkok Prep Students Undertake an Immersive Journey to Mars

  • Bangkok Prep students joined a workshop focused on developing their own immersive experience on Mars using “Holo-SDK”, a Software Development Kit for developers. In a little game comprising of an astronaut exploring Mars with his own rovers and satellite, students learned the basic principles of Desktop AR technology and the basic tools for making applications.
  • The workshop was organised by “Perception”, a now UK-based deep tech company specialising in Desktop Augmented Reality (Desktop AR). The company develops Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to make computer applications, turning your everyday 2D computers to an immersive and interactive 3D content display.
  • Founded in 2019 by “Rabbit” (Dr. Sirisilp Kongsilp), a Desktop AR pioneer, the company recently qualified for the UK’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP), which supports overseas deep tech entrepreneurs looking use the UK as a springboard to scale up internationally. Currently, Holo-SDK is partnering with museums and schools in both the UK and Thailand to bring many 3D digital artefacts and interactive learning to life using its holographic applications.



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