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Bangkok Prep Students Volunteer at RoyRak

A few of our Year 13 students have teamed up with RoyRak to help promote their jewellery to the school community, as well as helping to create content for their social media pages.

  • RoyRak have designed House and School Bracelets specifically for Bangkok Prep students!
  • Each bracelet is 150 baht, and the profits made will be fully donated to RoyRak to maintain the fair-wage for the ladies working there.
  • For more hand-crafted jewellery, visit their social media sites linked down below!

RoyRak Social Media Sites:




Our Year 13 students who are helping out at RoyRak had this to say:

Over the course of Term 1, we have been helping out at RoyRak, a non-profit organisation under UNOH (Urban Neighbours of Hope) based in the Klong Toey slum. Although there are negative stigmas surrounding slums, we were able to tour around and increase our understanding of what living in a slum area is like. In each alleyway it was apparent that living conditions may not be ideal, however, the residents were resourceful with what they had and there was a good sense of community.

We were then able to visit RoyRak’s jewellery workshop. As mentioned, RoyRak is a non-profit organisation under UNOH that trains and employs women from the Klong Toey slum area to produce jewellery pieces. Not only do they provide the women with job security, but they also promise above minimum wage pay for the ladies. Most importantly, they impart a sense of empowerment to the women. By equipping the ladies with lucrative skills such as craftsmanship, RoyRak helps increase their sense of personal value and self-worth.

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