Bangkok Prep to host Augmented Reality Museum Workshop - Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep to host Augmented Reality Museum Workshop

Partnership with Perception Codes gives students the opportunity to experience exhibits from Imperial War Museums and Science Museum Group

Bangkok Prep prepares students for the impact of automation through educational policy and embraces art and design within its STEM movement as critical to successful innovation.

Our students acknowledge the undoubtable increase of global technological advancements and will be suitably equipped with the relevant skills when facing challenges in the real world.

Students in Key Stage 3 have been invited to attend an exciting and innovative workshop with Perception Codes on Tuesday 9th November from 2.45 – 3.45pm.

This is the second collaboration between Bangkok Prep and Perception Codes, after students had the opportunity to explore the Mars Rover last year, using the latest Desktop Augmented Reality (A-R) technology. You can read more about the first workshop in this article.

This latest collaboration is very exciting. Holo-Museum currently has partnerships with Imperial War Museums and the Science Museum Group. In the coming months, they will begin working with over 10,000 students in the UK and Thailand to offer interactive learning experiences using forward-thinking technology. Bangkok Prep will be the very first school to try out this latest software. Students attending will be able to experience some exhibits through an augmented reality platform.

Participants will be joining the workshop via Zoom, using specially designed 3D glasses which have been provided by Perception Codes.

We are looking forward to sharing more information about the success of this workshop and finding out from the students about how they enjoyed using the technology and exploring the fantastic exhibits on offer!

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