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BKK Pay Forward

Bangkok Prep are proud to support an excellent new charity project called BKK Pay Forward,  a new charity project that aims to prevent restaurants from laying off staff whilst simultaneously providing free food to low income communities impacted by coronavirus pandemic.

How does BKK Pay Forward work?

1) Restaurant’s come up with a menu and price that covers the costs of both ingredients and staff. For instance this a restaurant could create a fried rice menu priced at 50 baht.

2) Donors choose how much they would like to donate. If someone chose to donate 5000 baht over 10 days to a restaurant – the restaurant would then receive 500 baht a day.

Currently, donors can contact restaurants directly and participating restaurants are listed in the Facebook page shared below.

3) Restaurant’s make the order according to the donations they receive. For instance if a restaurant receives a 500 baht a day donation from 10 people, it can make 100 portions of fried rice to give out to those in need.

If you are interesting in supporting BKK Pay Forward and would like to become a donor, please visit their Facebook page below:



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