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Book Recycling

Dear Parents,

As we move through the academic year, children are beginning to complete their current exercise books and are starting to use new ones. As part of this process, we plan on continuing our ‘book recycling’ program by responsibly disposing of exercise books which are completed this year.

The funds raised by the sale of recyclable paper will enable us to fund further ecological and charitable initiatives as we seek to embed a philosophy of sustainable practice and development throughout our learning community.

Should you not wish for your child’s workbooks to be recycled and would like to have them sent home upon completion please state your intention to do so using the link below by Friday 22nd March.

Please note, that any Maths and English books from this academic year which are not full will be passed on to your child’s new teacher for the next academic year and will therefore not be sent home.

If your child has graduated from the EAL program this year, their books are also available for recycling or sending home. However, if your child remains on the EAL program, their teachers will be keeping the books to continue work in them next year.  


Kind regards,


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