British Biology Olympiad 2023 - Bangkok Prep

British Biology Olympiad 2023

In March of this year, one of our Year 13 Biology students, Ritika, took on the arduous and highly regarded British Biology Olympiad Competition. We are thrilled to announce that she received her well-deserved and publicly recognised certificate from the institution last week.

The entire Biology department and the rest of Bangkok Prep School join together in congratulating her and celebrating her impressive achievement.

The British Biology Olympiad is no easy feat – it challenges and stimulates students with a passion for biology to expand their knowledge and extend their abilities, allowing them to showcase their skills within the field. Students are encouraged to employ their biological intuition, logic, and imagination to tackle the questions at hand. Rather than simply testing rote memorisation, this competition expects students to apply their basic principles and understanding to novel topics. The British Biology Olympiad is a demanding, problem-solving competition with questions that cover cutting-edge and topical biology.

What’s more, all participants in the competition are eligible to receive a complimentary one-year membership to the Royal Society of Biology BioNet, which is a fantastic opportunity for these budding biologists.

As the year progresses, we eagerly anticipate the next two Biology competitions: The Biology Challenge, taking place between 8th and 12th May for our Year 9 and 10 students, and the Intermediate Biology Olympiad for our Year 12’s from the 7th to the 14th of June. We are sure that our students will continue to demonstrate their exceptional aptitude for the subject, and we look forward to seeing their continued growth and success.


Elizabeth Richards-Gourves

Head of Biology


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