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Cambridge Immerse Essay Competition

Congratulations to the six Secondary Essay Writing Competition winners that recently entered the Cambridge Immerse Essay Competition.

The winners were:

Ploytida (Y8)

Bhudham (Y8) 

Angie (Y9)

Maria (Y9)

Ben (Y10)

Katie (Y12)

They wrote essays on a range of subjects, including Medicine, Economics and Chemistry. Our winning students have been offered partial scholarships at Cambridge University Summer Schools (though not all will be able to attend this year).

The competition was run by Immerse Education, and this is the pool that our students competed in:

“We received over 5000 entries from over 80 different nationalities and the overall standard of essays was extremely high.

Judges only shortlisted entries which they felt were deserving of recognition for their essay and who would benefit from the academic demands and expert teaching within an Immerse programme in a Cambridge University college.

This year 7% of essay competition registrants were shortlisted and have been invited to attend the summer programmes on partial scholarships.”  

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