Careers Day - March 2021 - Bangkok Prep

Careers Day – March 2021

As part of the PSHE Curriculum, all Secondary students enjoyed a day to consider their future pathways during our annual Careers Day on Wednesday 3rd March. 

To set the tone for the day, students were inspired by our guest speaker launch assembly with Isabel Valle. This was followed by a morning of Careers-focussed lessons in the classroom, where students got to consider their values, skills and attributes in relation to pathways of interest. It was also an opportunity for them to consider how the world of work is changing, the importance of sustainability in future careers, and how they can best prepare for transitions in their own education. 

The afternoon was an opportunity for younger students to work collaboratively on a sustainable design project – winners to be announced soon! Meanwhile, our older students had the opportunity to attend some engaging careers talks via Zoom with our 26 guest speakers, who shared insights from a range of industries including Medicine, Architecture, Interior Design, Dentistry, Engineering, Investment Banking, Sales and Marketing, Law, Economics, Design Thinking and many more! 

We hope this is the beginning of future partnerships with employers and professionals who are a source of inspiration for our students. 


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