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Cha’Am Geography iGCSE Field Trip

Over the weekend 24 of our iGCSE geographers headed to the beautiful coastline of Cha’Am.

They completed two days of fieldwork, investigating the Mae Prachan river, coastal processes and the impact of tourism around Cha’Am beach.

The trip was preceded by pilot studies around the school site. Students used secondary GIS sources, such as Google Earth and, to plan the collection of data and minimise risk. They also successfully evaluated their methods of collection when considering its reliability and validity.

When in Cha’Am they used both digital and traditional methods to collect an array of physical and human data sets. Whether it was watching tangerines float in the sea and river, speaking to local people about how they’re impacted by tourism or carrying detailed sediment and beach profile analysis. The students developed new skill sets in data collection, analysis and evaluation.

Alongside the geography, the students enjoyed time with their peers playing water polo, using the coastal backdrop whilst perfecting their K-Pop routines and playing card games over a long dinner.

Residential trips are invaluable in teaching young people about their environment, whilst also developing skills to carry forward into both their careers and personal portfolio. Watching them grow in confidence and get involved is always a pleasure and we very much look forward to the next one!

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