Child Abuse & Safeguarding at Bangkok Prep - Check The Policy Here

Child Safeguarding at Bangkok Prep

As a school we consider safeguarding to be the very foundation of how we work with children. It is our belief that:

  • a child can’t learn well unless they are happy;
  • a child be happy unless they are first safe.

Safeguarding is, therefore, crucial to our role as educators

As a school, we use the highest levels of safeguarding practice to ensure that:

  • we respond to suspected incidents of abuse or harm with due care and professionalism;
  • we support our students emotionally and practically when they are at difficult points in their lives;
  • our recruitment procedures are robust and we are hiring staff who are safe to work with children;
  • we educate our students in how to keep themselves safe;
  • our campuses are safe places to be.

Bangkok Prep is committed to the prevention of Child Abuse and to the Safeguarding and protection of children. This commitment means that the interests and welfare of children are our prime consideration when any decision is made about suspected cases of abuse or neglect. 

As a school, we draw guidance on how to approach safeguarding matters from the Child Protection Act of Thailand and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. We also use relevant guidance from the United Kingdom, including: Keeping Children Safe in EducationWorking Together to Safeguard Children, and Guidance for Safer Working Practice for Those Working with Children and Young People in Education Settings.  

For further information, you can read the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy here.

If you have a safeguarding concern you would like to raise, please email to report it.

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