CIS Accreditation Highlights  - Bangkok Prep

CIS Accreditation Highlights 

Earlier this month, the CIS Accretation team visited Bangkok Prep (virtually) and interviewed staff, students, Board members and parents to find out more about our school. They visited a wide variety of lessons in all year groups and analysed all documents, policies and procedures.


World Class feedback from

They said, “Bangkok Prep is a fabulous environment in which children can flourish and truly achieve their potential.”

I would like to thank the parents and students that met with the CIS team and for all your contributions to our CIS accreditation visit whilst continuing to carry out your role under very difficult circumstances. At the end of their visit, the CIS team acknowledged the many strengths and highlights of our school and we should all be incredibly proud of Bangkok Prep.


The CIS evaluation team has said that they are extremely thankful for the fabulous support from everybody in the Bangkok Prep community and said we should all be extremely proud of our outstanding learning community. They praised staff, students, parents, carers and the board for their commitment to the whole process of self evaluation and self reflection. That this was all done in a pandemic, was also commended and understood by the team. They felt positivity from all and commented on this each night they met; thank you for making them feel so welcomed. Bangkok Prep is a fabulous environment in which children can flourish and truly achieve their potential. I have listed below some summary points for us to celebrate and consider:


Strengths and highlights of our school

  • The community’s enthusiasm and passion for our school shone throughout the school.
  • The continuity of the governing board has been an asset. Their commitment to the growth of the school and pro-activeness during the COVID pandemic was evidenced and the Board should be commended for their commitment to ensuring the sustainability of Bangkok Prep.
  • There is a strong written curriculum in place from EYFS to Year 13.
  • Documented policies and procedures are very strong for safeguarding and wellbeing.
  • Bangkok Prep provides a caring and nurturing environment.


Areas of focus

The CIS evaluators said that as a school we had successfully identified developmental areas of focus.

  • In particular, we can continue to bring academic and administrative teams together to further develop the ‘Technology for Learning Plan’ that starts with pedagogy and supports teaching and learning.
  • Our whole school improvement theme of ‘celebrating diversity and working with equity’ was also validated and we are committed to moving forward together as a whole school.


We look forward to sharing the full CIS report with the Bangkok Prep community in 4-8 weeks.

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