Coffee and Calligraphy Morning - Bangkok Prep

Coffee and Calligraphy Morning

Today’s Coffee & Calligraphy Workshop, kindly sponsored by All Inspire Development PCL was a tremendous success with over 30 of our community members (mothers as students!) attending. Held at Moon Glass Bistro & Grill and taught by the kind Kru Boy, and Kru Mod from Boone Thailand the “students” thoroughly enjoyed themselves learning the history of calligraphy, the basics of drawing lines of different weights, lettering, and composition.

The mothers looked very comfortable practising their lines and letters in workbooks, not dissimilar to how our students are learning to write, and although the current situation with Covid-19 caused us to change venue at the last minute, we adapted very well. Thank you very much to the parents who support our community by attending this event.

Finally we would like to thank All Inspire Development very much for providing our community with this workshop. For further details on the privilege offering to our community, please visit



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