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Computing Competitions Update: Advent of Code

Advent of Code is a Christmas-themed programming competition that runs from December 1st – December 25th each year. A new puzzle is released at midday each day, which participants race to solve as quickly as possible. This competition involves programmers across the world, many of whom will be working in industry. On the first day this year, 252815 people took part, and 12205 people persevered through to the final day.

This year we were delighted to have no less than 35 students at Bangkok Prep who were able to take part in this prestigious event!

Well done to all of the Bangkok Prep students who took part this year.

Students who attended the certificate presentation session took part in a group photo to celebrate their achievements!

A special mention to our top 5 students:

  1. Pip* Y10 – 50 stars
  2. Tonson Y11 – 42 stars
  3. Shounak Y12 – 31 stars
  4. Ryu Y10 – 16 stars
  5. Atty Y11 – 16 stars

*Along with being the first Bangkok Prep student ever to complete the entire competition, Pip also managed the amazing achievement of solving the DAY 20 puzzle in such a short time it placed him 218th in the world (out of 20900 programmers worldwide, many of whom are professionals!) – quite an impressive accolade for a 15 year old!



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