Computing Competitions Update - Bangkok Prep

Computing Competitions Update

Advent of Code

Another programming event our students were involved in was the Advent of Code 2021 competition at Bangkok Prep. Advent of Code is a yearly Christmas-themed competition where a new programming puzzle is released at midday for every day of advent. Every year the competition has hundreds of thousands of participants, and many of these are professional programmers working in the software development industry. The fact that we have such competent students who are able to participate in this event highlights the calibre of the young computer scientists we have at Bangkok Prep!

Well done to members of Year 10 IGCSE Computer Science cohort for their performance in Advent of Code 2021.


Well done to the 27 students who participated in the Oxford University Computing challenge last week. Our students are due to receive their results this Friday 18th February so we will be excited to celebrate these with you early next half term.


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