Congratulations on your University Offers Aria K - Bangkok Prep

Congratulations on your University Offers Aria K

Congratulations to Aria K in Year 13, who has received offers from Purdue University Northwest, College of Wooster and Florida International University in North America as well as Monash University, Swinburne University and Macquarie University in Australia, and many more offers received, to study Education.


Some Q&A’s with Aria:

What did you study at A-Level and IGCSE?

In IGCSE, I studied the compulsory subjects plus 3 additional electives. I chose to study Geography, Design and Technology, and History. At A level, I rerouted my subjects and chose subjects that were more suited to my career choice. I chose Geography, Mathematics, and Psychology.

What University offers have you received?

I currently have offers from different universities across the globe. All are for the Bachelor of Education (primary) program except Monash where I was offered both a Bachelor of Education in Primary education and a Bachelor of Education in Early childhood Education. Monash University is also where I will be attending for my further education.


Monash University
Swinburne University
Macquarie University

North America:

Florida International University
College of Wooster
University of Utah
University of Southern Mississippi
Northwest Missouri State University
University of Michigan Flint
Hesston College
Auburn University
Purdue University Northwest


University of Calgary

I am also waiting for one more offer from the University of Sydney.

What is your proudest moment at Bangkok Prep?

I have several proudest months from my time here at Bangkok Prep. It ranges from sports achievement to academic certificates, to taking on leadership roles, participating in school plays, community service, and music. Everything that I have accomplished and made an impact on at Bangkok Prep has summarised the amazing time I had here since I joined in 2013. Leaving Prep exactly 10 years later as a Bangkok Prep Alumni is still ever so shocking to hear and will cherish every moment I have left here. I am proud of the milestones I have reached, forever grateful for the friends I made who supported me through thick and thin. And finally, my teachers. I couldn’t be more proud of myself to be able to expand my opportunities and abilities without the help of my teachers who are the main pillars of my education.

Can you please list awards, leadership and community services you have done?


Captain of the U19 Varsity Basketball Team

Most improved player (U13, U15, U19)

Student Coach (coached primary children in summer 2020 and every Sunday morning)

Primary Sports Day Helper



Ball till you Fall basketball tournament

Breakers Cup basketball tournament

FOBISIA Sport Tournament (Y8, Y9, Y10)


Academic achievements:

Student of the month (geography)

Student of the month (mathematics)

Student of the month (psychology)

UKMT maths challenge

JUMP leadership facilitation course and certificate


Community service: 

Donating charity boxes to refugee community

Student internship at Bangkok Prep Primary Campus

Helped with graduation ‘22

Helped at open day ‘22



School orchestra since primary

FOBISIA Music Festival in Kuala Lumpur



School productions (2018, 2022, 2023)


Leadership roles:

Surus house leader in Y10 and Y11

Vice house captain in Y12

House captain in Y12

Applied for Deputy Girl

Applied for Head Girl


What are your hopes for their next steps and future?

As an aspiring educator, the realm of impossibility interplaying into the possibility of things I relish, brings me boundless excitement and determination to continue my battle in the real world when teaching and letting my creativity bleed with ambition. The greatest impacts can, in my opinion, be achieved in elementary education and I believe I am naturally gifted with well-rounded skills to take on the role!




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