Cultivating Global Citizenship Talk with Dr. Parag Mankeekar - Bangkok Prep

Cultivating Global Citizenship Talk with Dr. Parag Mankeekar

The first PSHE Drop Down Day of the year took place this week with the theme: ‘Living in the Wider World’.

We were delighted to welcome our special guest speaker, Dr. Parag Mankeekar; co-founder of RealLives Foundation, to lead a talk to our students on Cultivating Global Citizenship; which aligned with our Sustainability vision – conveying our four pillars: Education, Environment, Wellbeing for All and Leadership for the Future.

Dr. Parag’s RealLives Foundation is an initiative dedicated to revolutionising classrooms. This foundation seeks to liberate education from the confines of conventional syllabi, harnessing the innate creativity and innovation of teachers. This mission holds the potential to reshape how the world perceives and confronts its most pressing challenges, with empathy at the core of this transformation.

Thank you for visiting us Dr. Parag, our students and teachers really got a lot out of your talks and training session. As Dr Parag described, empathy is the key to a future we want to live in.

Stay tuned for more details on this Cultivating Global Citizenship Talk and the rest of our upcoming Sustainability Talks, featuring a number of special guests of incredible, varied experiences contributing to our Leadership Series through curriculum activities, workshops, professional development and more.

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