Day of the Dead - Día de los muertos – at Primary - Bangkok Prep

Day of the Dead – Día de los muertos – at Primary

On Monday 2nd of November we had the opportunity to celebrate “Día de Los Muertos” within the Spanish class. We have been preparing all the decorations and displays for a week so we could have a nice “altar” on display in the Spanish class.

The students from Year 1 to Year 6 that learn Spanish have had the opportunity to learn about this beautiful Mexican celebration where they honour their relatives that passed away. We have been learning different vocabulary related to the topic, singing songs, making “catrinas” or skulls, cutting beautiful “papel picado” and watching different scenes of the movie “Coco” with Spanish subtitles so we could learn some new Spanish vocabulary!

It has been a beautiful experience where we all enjoyed learning about another culture and the Spanish language. 

 Marta Riera Lahuerta

Primary Spanish Teacher

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