Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl Announcement - Bangkok Prep

Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl Announcement

Last week, Ms. Court-Smith and secondary Head Boy and Head Girl interviewed eight candidates who had been shortlisted for the role of Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl for Bangkok Prep 2020-21.

The candidates had already been selected from a strong field and were first congratulated on getting through to the interview stage. Each candidate then gave thoughtful, honest, reflective and ambitious answers to the panel and shared some amazing ideas for school improvement with us.

They faced questions about what it means to be a leader, their experiences in and out of school, how they would approach different situations and what they could do to balance their school commitments, personal commitments, a senior leadership role and their wellbeing.

Please congratulate every student if you can – they were amazing and should be very proud of how they represented themselves and our school.

We were completely amazed and delighted with the quality of every candidate and the unique set of skills they could bring to the team. Each did exceptionally well and deserve a huge and sincere congratulations from us all for taking a risk, stepping up and volunteering their talents to the students and staff at our school.

After eight brilliant interviews, we had very difficult decisions to make. While we are sure everyone will change our wonderful school for the better, we are pleased to announce the new Student Executive Team for Bangkok Prep 2020-21:

Congratulations to our new Deputy Head Boy Namo and our new Deputy Head Girl Eve!

We will all work together with staff, students and parents, to promote the voice of our community.

It will be an exciting year ahead.

The Student Executive Team

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