Eco Committee Update - Term 2 2023-24 - Bangkok Prep

Eco Committee Update – Term 2 2023-24

Last week we had our third whole school Eco committee meeting to update everyone about our progress so far. Please see the slides below that were presented at the meeting, and here are some things that you can help us with: 

The 10% Challenge

We have taken on the challenge of reducing our water and energy consumption by 10%. 

We will keep you updated as we track our progress over the next few months, but we can all start by making simple changes, eg, turning off the lights and air conditioning when you leave a room, and making sure doors are closed, to keep the cool air in and the pollution out. If you have any ideas that you would like to put forward, please contact the Eco team at  . 

 We also want to challenge both staff and students to save paper, by making sure both sides are used before recycling, and that one sided paper is used again. We would also like the school to purchase recycled photocopy paper and paper towels and we want to set up a system where we refill our board markers instead of just using them once and throwing them away. 

We want to create an environment where everyone works together to act sustainably and is aware of the small things that they can do to effect change.  Remember, small steps add up to big changes! 


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