Eco Week 2022 - Bangkok Prep

Eco Week 2022

This week we have been celebrating our Earth throughout Eco Week, leading up to Earth Day, today, April 22nd. 

The week started with a couple of House challenges: one to make a ‘Save Energy/ Turn Off’ poster for tutor rooms, to remind people to turn off lights and aircon when the room is empty.  We also asked students to bring in their plastic waste to recycle.  These competitions will continue next week and the results will be announced soon. 

Tutor groups learnt about how to protect the environment and reduce climate change with videos and quizzes in the mornings and students were encouraged to design sun catchers with recycled plastic lids during a lunchtime activity. 

Today, the Eco team will be running around during break and lunch to see which teachers are the most Eco friendly and have turned off their lights and air conditioners during the break times. 

Students can come to school in green or blue today and all donations will go towards the Plant a Tree foundation. 



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