Eco Week in Numbers - Bangkok Prep

Eco Week in Numbers

Eco Week at Bangkok Prep Secondary School ran at the start of Term 3. It was organised by the Eco Team and Eco Club. Throughout the week, we had environmentally friendly activities that everyone could get involved with. We hope you enjoyed the week!

Congratulations go to Panthera for bringing in the most plastic to recycle. The Eco Team will make sure that it is sent off to the right place for recycling. We also need to say thank you and congratulations to all the students who entered the “Turn Off” Design competition. 

There were some very creative entries but huge congratulations go to Prim in 9LP for her beautiful creation reminding us to turn off lights and air cons when we leave a room.  Look out for it in classrooms around the school! Our Wasteless Wednesday saw the team weighing the food waste after KS3, 4, and 5 had finished in the canteen.  Can you believe over 35Kg of food was thrown away in just one lunchtime.  We hope that people will think about this when taking food in the future, and not take as much if they don’t think they can finish it all. 

On Earth Day, we encouraged students to come in the earth’s colours of blue and green and pay a small donation to help towards planting trees. 3,507 Baht was raised and will be donated to the Plant a tree foundation very soon.  Here is a message from Kiri, Year 11, on behalf of the Eco Team “Thank you so much to everyone who took part in the events during Eco Week! I saw some great drawing and colouring skills when I was helping with the DIY crafts on Thursday. And it was really nice to see many teachers getting involved in the Turn Off!! Campaign to contribute to their houses. I loved seeing people in my year group trying to find the correct bin to throw away their leftover food, and also some trying their best to finish off their food!!”

Thank you to the Eco team for putting together a great Eco Week. Thank you also to everyone who participated in the events and a huge well done to all participants in the Turn Off  posters and other creative activities.  I hope the tutor time videos and quizzes got you thinking about what you, your friends and your family can do to help stop climate change and to take care of the environment you live in.



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