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English Heart 2 Heart Project Thawsi School

Eight enthusiastic Year 12 and 13 students actively participated in a comprehensive 6-week internship program at Thawsi School. The program aimed to provide valuable hands-on experience, allowing students to work closely with children in the nursery and kindergarten settings. The primary focus of the internship was to assist young learners in developing their English language skills.

The collaboration with Thawsi School proved to be invaluable. The students had the opportunity to work alongside experienced educators, gaining insights into effective teaching methodologies and classroom management techniques. This partnership enhanced the student’s understanding of the educational process and allowed them to contribute meaningfully to the school’s language development initiatives.

Well done to Monica, Wales, Natalia, Nour, Alisa, Nania, Amie, Alice and Qistina.

Semhar Ahdego

Head of Careers and Student Pathways

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