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If your family uses the Express Pick Up Service at our Primary Campus please see below for a few friendly reminders to help ensure the service runs smoothly.

  • Firstly, if you no longer use the Express Pick Up Service please ensure you let Khun Aom know so that our details are up to date.
  • Parents/Drivers must display the code number on the right hand side (driver’s side) of the windshield where it is clear and visible to see on arrival at the school. Failing to do this causes delays and the Driver may be instructed to drive around again.
  • Please advise Khun Aom if there have been any changes to the vehicles you use for the Express Pick Up Service – new display cards will be issued.
  • If the driver reaches the Express Pick Up zone and the child/ren are not ready, they are required to move on and come back again. Waiting for your child to arrive blocks the car park flow and causes unnecessary delays to other drivers.
  • If your child will go home with another adult please ensure you advise Khun Aom in advance. Students will not be given to another car/adult if this has not been communicated in advance.  You will then need to park and come in to school to get authorisation from Primary Management.
  • If you do park your car and come to collect your child/ren from the Express Pick Up Area this must be done from inside the school area (not from the Express Pick Up gate as this area is busy and not suitable for parent/guardian collection). Note: As usual your own BKK Prep ID card or other ID will be required to enter the school.
  • Please do not collect your child directly from the Teacher/ECA provider without informing the Express Pick Up Staff.
  • If your child does not attend their ECA for any reason and will go home earlier than usual please inform Khun Aom.

The full details of the Rules and Regulations of the Express Pick Up Service can be found here

Please do ensure that you pass this information to your drivers/nannies/guardians if you do not collect your child/ren yourself.

Now that our ECA programme has commenced the seating area and the car park are less congested due to the two pick up times of 2.30 and 3.30pm.

If you have any queries or updates in regard to the Express Pick Up Service please email Khun Aom

We thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the Express Pick Up Service runs smoothly for all involved.

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