EYFS Sports Days - Bangkok Prep

EYFS Sports Days

Well done to all of our Nursery and Reception children as they showcased their physical abilities in their Nursery Sports Day on Tuesday 30th May 2023 and Reception Sports Day on Wednesday 31st May 2023. The PE department are extremely proud as the children demonstrated their ABC skills (Agility, Balance and Coordination). The children worked well with their teammates and showed their parents and teachers some of the skills they have been working on this year in PE.

Our Year 6 Student Leaders did a fantastic job motivating the Nursery and Reception children in their events. Thank you to FOBP for our ice cream after Sports Day, it was a welcomed cool treat.

The children earned their Sports Day participation wristband.It was wonderful to see such a huge amount of family members and carers supporting and cheering on the children. If you were not able to attend our Nursery and Reception Sports Day, photos have been uploaded onto Firefly.


Nursery Sports Day 

Reception Sports Day 

Alexa Morris

Primary Physical Education Teacher

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