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F1 in Schools

Last Friday 31st January 2020, Bangkok Prep’s Design and Technology department hosted our first ever F1 in Schools Thailand event at T77. The day consisted of students and staff racing model F1 cars down a 20M racetrack. The F1 race cars took off at lightning speed upon pressing the start button. The person with the quickest reaction time won the race! The highlight of the day were 4 racing simulator seats complete with steering wheels and foot pedals that allowed users to experience a more realistic F1 game play racing experience.

In March next month, after the Design and Technology members of staff, Mr Spence and Mr Taylor have undergone a 2 day training course, Bangkok Prep will become an affiliated member of F1 in Schools Thailand.

In Term 3 as a new ECA, we will then be able to provide students with the opportunity to form a team to design, test and make model F1 racing cars using the latest computer software.


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