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Father’s Day at Bangkok Prep

Father’s Day at Primary

In remembrance of his majesty the late King Bhumibol’s birthday

The 5th of December every year is one of the most important days for Thai people to remember. This day is a public holiday to mark the birth of Thailand’s greatest King; King Rama 9. On this day we remember His Majesty the late King Bhumibol as he is considered to be the father of the Thai nation.

Bangkok Prep staff and children paid their respects to the late King Bhumibol by joining a morning assembly in his honour. On this special occasion, we had representative children from Year 4 read a special Thai and English poem, and a group of Year 6 students played the Angklung with our Thai teachers to perform the song ‘Alexandra’, which was composed by King Rama 9 himself. Last but not least, some of our Year 5 children performed the King’s anthem as a choir to conclude the ceremony.



Father’s Day at Secondary

Each month we focus on a life value across the primary and secondary school and December is when we pay special attention to the value of caring. This Sunday is Father’s Day in Thailand when people can choose to show recognition and gratitude to their fathers and father figures, for the contribution they make to the lives of their children. If you are celebrating Father’s Day but just remember that the best gift of all is time: I hope you can call or spend quality time with each other.

It is what you will remember far more than a present. Happy Father’s Day!



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