First place in the Royal College Science Union's 16th annual Science Challenge - Bangkok Prep

First place in the Royal College Science Union’s 16th annual Science Challenge

Pyncha’s essay won first place in the Royal College Science Union’s (RCSU) 16th annual Science Challenge, hosted by Imperial College London.



The Science Challenge is the RCSU’s annual international Science Communication Competition. Participants selected one out of the four questions to answer in the designated form of media. The 2022’s theme was climate change. Pyncha (Y12) was the winner in the essay category for Professor Lord Robert Winston’s question:

“Why are so many citizens reluctant to accept that the Earth’s climate appears to be changing? Should scientists be worried by this?”

Pyncha used the concept of psychology, research ethics and medicine in her essay.

Each of the winners from the four categories were invited to receive their award and present their work in the award ceremony, held at the Royal Institution of London. Pyncha is now also invited to the House of Lords of the United Kingdom with Lord Robert Winston in May. Here she will get the opportunity to discuss her views of climate change with politicians.



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