FOBISIA Battle of the Bands 2024 - Bangkok Prep

FOBISIA Battle of the Bands 2024

It’s a Battle!

Last week, two of Bangkok Prep’s best rock bands went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to compete in the FOBISIA Battle of the Bands 2024, against top bands from all over South East Asia. The bands were:

  • Deep Fried Gum from Year 8 (Teddy, Eldrick and Minmin)
  • Another Subculture from Year 13 (Amy, Luke, Aki, TT and Talay)

Ms. Pow and Mr. Larsen accompanied the bands on the trip, which was a great experience for the students. On Saturday 27/01, both bands took the stage at International School @ Park City, KL, with storm.

In the KS3 category, Deep Fried Gum played an aggressive rendition of Avenged Sevenfold’s “Unholy Confessions”, with Eldrick leading the vocals from the drum kit. Teddy played his bass solidly and with confidence, while Minmin blasted out riff after riff – at some point even only with one hand!

Another Subculture played later in the day in the KS4/5 category, performing Paramore’s “Ignorance” with a lot of energy. TT held the beat together on his bass, locked in with drummer Talay, who played at the top of his form. Aki and Luke were praised by the judges for how their playing and guitar sounds complemented each other. And Amy made sure to use all the available performance space to interact with the audience, at one point she even walked past the judges to get up close to the audience!

At the end of the day the 4 judges announced the results. All 15 bands in each category were awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold, with one Gold awardee becoming the category winner.

Another Subculture was awarded KS4/5 Silver and Deep Fried Gum was awarded KS3 Gold, almost winning the overall category!

Both bands’ placement is a reflection of their hard work and dedication to enter into this high performance event amongst the top international schools in the region. Well done guys!

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