FOBISIA Junior Humanities Championships 2022 - Bangkok Prep

FOBISIA Junior Humanities Championships 2022

I was very happy to take part in the FOBISIA Geography competition. It was a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of the world and practice what I already knew. Bangkok Prep came first in Asia for schools entering less than fifty students – a great achievement.

The basis of the competition was to complete as many geography themed lessons on the Education Perfect platform in forty-eight hours while scoring as many points as possible. Activities included multiple choice questions, short text-based questions, diagram annotations as well as extended answer questions and even essays. The variety of different activities in each topic helped to keep competitors engaged and excited during the competition.

My favourite feature was the scoreboard. It made it feel like a race to answer questions faster than the other participants. Of course, it was a disappointment in the morning to wake up and see that the students in different time zones had climbed to the top of the leaderboard!

I think that Bangkok Prep did exceptionally well in this competition. I look forward to next year – is number one worldwide on the horizon?


By Elliot 9AS

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