FOBISIA Student Environmental Conference 2022 - Bangkok Prep

FOBISIA Student Environmental Conference 2022

Bangkok Prep

Food for thought!

On Tuesday 26th April, 2022, Bangkok Prep International School hosted this year’s FOBISIA Student Environmental Conference at the Secondary School – Sukhumvit 77 Campus. The focus of the conference was on the environmental impact of sustainably growing plants and crops.

It was fabulous to see 8 international schools from Bangkok, Pattaya and Rayong taking part (in person) in a FOBISIA conference. The schools were – Bangkok Prep, Rugby School Thailand, Denla British School, Singapore International School of Bangkok, St Andrews 107, Shrewsbury International School Bangkok, St Andrews 71, and Garden School, Rayong.

The conference opened with 5 keynote speakers who have already developed very successfully environmentally focused businesses in Thailand. A huge thank you to Paleo Robbie, Happy Grocer, Laika, Root the Future and Chul Farm.

These distinguished guest speakers shared their same passion and eco philosophy which gave us all food for thought! We should all think very carefully about what we put into our bodies; where does it come from and consider what we do with our waste. 

The participants used the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the respective environmental impact of growing plants and crops.  The discussions that followed inspired the students to plan projects at their schools which will address local and global environmental issues.

The remainder of the day consisted of a series of engaging and sustainably focused activities. The FOBISIA Student Environmental Conference considered holistic approaches to adapting our food system in order to improve health, and reduce our impact on the environment.

The ‘in-person’ conference inspired and provoked thoughtful conversations and lessons about the love for the environment and ways to reduce emissions while maintaining a nutritious diet.

The practical activities took place on the Bangkok Prep Secondary campus and next door at the lush and green Chul Farm. The students put their strength to a test by pedalling a bicycle to make delicious fruit smoothies; filtered water so it was good enough to drink and creating art using plant leaves whilst other groups ate some crunchy critters and considered the insects as an alternative source of protein. There was even some time for sustainable golf.

The students came together to think about sources of our food and the impact of what we eat and drink on our health and the global climate. Together they (and we) can all contribute to achieving some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

They had a great opportunity to collaborate with peers from across Thailand, to think critically and learn more about how to best advocate for themselves and others, about what they eat and where it comes from. We are confident that this day will stand out as one of inspiration and motivation for students to use their strong voices and sharp perspectives in pursuit of their love for the environment.

We should all remember to take a look out your plate and think carefully about what you eat and its origins. Food for thought!



Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School

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