FOBISIA Swimming Invitational 2019 – Bangkok Prep - Bangkok Prep

FOBISIA Swimming Invitational 2019 – Bangkok Prep

On the 11th – 13th January, Bangkok Prep hosted the annual and high calibre FOBISIA Swimming Invitational, with over 600 swimmers attending from 24 International Schools from 7 different nations.

The wonderful facilities of Bangkok Prep enabled, for the first time ever, this Meet to have a twilight theme to it – with the long distance events being held on the Friday evening, where our swimmers shone under the lights.

Saturday was a full day of events where over 250 races were swum and the top 4 schools separated themselves from the pack with Bangkok Prep being amongst them. Going into Sunday, it was clear that our Bulldogs would repeat 2018’s achievements and would come 2nd to Patana. Without taking anything away from Patana, this maintained our reputation for being the best ‘pound for pound’ swimming programme in the FOBISIA region.

Our swimmers were well led by our senior swimmers and all swam with courage and heart. Many swimmers put their personal and individual accolades aside to register points for the benefit of the whole school’s team points. Particular recognition for this should be given to Dean from Secondary and Coco from Primary.

All our swimmers had strong swims and the school is proud to have them wear the white cap with the blue Bulldog.

A special thanks to the events team led by Genevieve who gave their heart and soul to ensure all visiting teams felt like they were VIP guests. A huge appreciation to our swim parents and Friends of Bangkok Prep who made everyone, from everywhere, feel like they were part of our Bulldog family. A massive shout out to the teaching staff who gave up portions of the weekend to assist and made the event fun to be at for the coaches. The appreciation of this by the Aquatics and PE team is unmeasurable. A great weekend to be a Bulldog both in and out of the pool and a wonderful culmination of the giving that is the fabric of our school community.

Matt Ferrier

Head of Aquatics

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