Forest Campus Community Day #2 - Bangkok Prep

Forest Campus Community Day #2

Once again a wonderful morning was spent with our beloved community members at our Forest Schools Initiative last Saturday. Our community members joined us in planting some vegetables and flowers and were absolutely amazed by the growth of our corn! 🌳🐦🌽

The corn planted from November 2019 is now over 8-9 feet tall, and Get Growing Community Farm & Learning Centre has actually informed us that we can go harvest the corn next week (10th February onwards). We urge those who planted the corn to take some time to visit and harvest the corn. The school will be going to harvest the corn early in the half-term break to avoid the corn getting too old.

Aside from planting, our community members spent most of their time socialising and playing in the play park, away from the traffic, noise, and pollution. The children were able to release most of their energy playing, interacting, and learning in the outdoors.


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