Forest Campus Morning - Bangkok Prep

Forest Campus Morning

Beautiful weather welcomed members of the Bangkok Prep community  to the Forest Campus, our outdoor learning facility for environmental education and sustainability.  

The morning started with a session of relaxing yoga in the midst of the trees, to prepare and rejuvenate the mind and body. Next, children and parents planted some seedlings of vegetables and flowers amongst the canals. Let’s watch them grow over the coming months!

Aside from planting, our community members spent most of their time socialising, having a small picnic, drawing the surrounding environment, playing badminton, and visiting Flash and Vera, our beloved tortoise residents.  We also had a photo competition……..(see the winner below) And finally, we ended the day with boat racing and some rousing cheers from the sidelines!

Away from the traffic, noise, and pollution, the children and parents were free to play, interact, and learn in the outdoors and amongst nature.

We have noted that many more people have expressed their interest in attending this event. We thank you for your interest and will organise another date.  We will keep you posted on our next sustainable Forest Campus Morning! Watch this space!



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And the winning photo in the Forest Campus Photo Competition is….drum roll please…….Arza (Y3).

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