French Spelling Wizard 2021 - Bangkok Prep

French Spelling Wizard 2021

Following last year’s disappointment of not being able to complete the competition, the French department is very excited to launch the 2021 Spelling Wizard Competition. This is part of the House Competition programme and the winning House will be awarded  40 points which could make a huge difference in this year’s tight (but friendly) battle between Ursus and Sabre. 

The format of the competition is similar to last year’s format. The first round of the competition will decide which students will represent their house in the final that will be held on Friday 19th March. However, this year, we will also take into account the average score of each House, so everybody’s effort matters!

The 50 words for round 1, as well as a range of resources and games are available on Firefly, in the French page.  

Bonne chance!


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