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French Spelling Wizard – Round 1 Results

After 2 weeks of intense competition in lessons, Y7, Y8 and Y9 students took part in the first round of the French Spelling Wizard competition. The following students managed to score 19 or over out of 25 and have qualified for the next round of the competition.

For Panthera in Y7:

Andrea, Areeya and Audrey

For  Ursus in Y7:

Lottie, Elliot, Emil, Nyay and Alex

For Saber in Y7:

Sarah, Alannah, Aadi, Ross and Jooeun

For Surus in Y7:

Matt, Nanase, Arsh and Ben.


For Panthera in Y9:

Armani, Jessi, Kittu, Vivaan and Mimmy

For Ursus in Y9:

Safeer, Pim, Platinum, Alma, Ella, Filippo, Lisa, Hitansh, Rehaan

For Saber in Y9:

Mao, Anchalina, Kamin and Milan

For Surus in Y9:

Fresh, Arushi, Jihyo, Parth and Pream.

Unfortunately, the Y8 competition needs to be delayed for the moment but should resume in March. 

The second round of the competition will require students to spell as many words as possible, orally in two minutes. Students need to practise the French alphabet on Firefly. However, all students should learn and practise the next set of words (available on Firefly too) as more House Points will be won during class activities.

Congratulations to all the students for your hard work!

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