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French Wordle Competition

“La semaine de la Francophonie” is coming soon (21st to 25th March). Like previous years the European language team will celebrate the French language and culture with a range of activities and competitions.

One of the events will be a House Wordle Competition opened to Y7, Y8 and Y9 students who study French on Friday 25th March.

This is the list of words that will be used. Each team must be made of 1 Year 7, 1 Year 8 student and 1 Year 9 student from the same House. However, one House can have more than one team, increasing their chances to win. Students are encouraged to organise their team now to prepare their strategy.

soeur radio mince coude danse
frere piano école genou sympa
rouge avion oncle maths faire
blanc métro tante chien port
jaune salon jouer maman ville
avril vidéo rester nager table
trois drôle blond eleve lampe
douze super court salle photo
vingt grand doigt pizza carré
livre petit jambe musee plage


Bonne chance!



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