The definition of a Gap Year is “time taken out of work or education for a purpose”. While many of us picture backpacking, traveling, volunteering or working around the world, in reality there is so much that one can do in their gap year.

Amber, our class of 2020 graduate is currently studying Psychology and Counselling at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland after taking a gap year.

Amber originally planned on going to university right after graduation. However, the pandemic hit and life had other plans. Let’s hear from Amber herself as she shares her gap year experience with us:

“My experience during my gap year was very unique as it happened during the COVID-19 pandemic. I wasn’t able to do what I initially planned so honestly I was quite lost at first. I then decided that I would volunteer as a teaching assistant for the special educational needs department at the primary campus. This experience was really great as it solidified what I wanted to study at university. Looking back at it now, there is nothing that I would change about my gap year.”

Advantages of taking a gap year includes a life changing impact, a break from everyday life, gain work experience, personal development etc. You are in control of your time and you can choose what to do with it!

Comment below if you have taken a gap year and DM us if you would like to share your experience

— Shalini Malhotra (Sharon), Class of 2015

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