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Geography A-Level Students Investigate Sustainable Coastal Management in Rayong

Last weekend,  8 of our geography A-Level students visited Rayong to investigate sustainable coastal management from Rayong Beach to Phala Shore. 

As part of their studies they collected both primary and secondary data, interviewed local mangrove conservationists and considered the decision making process and impacts of coastal management.

By researching the area using GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and academic journals, before the trip. Our students identified sampling sites, economic land uses and threats such as sea-level rise and erosion along the coastline. 

During the field study, students collected a variety of data to test their hypotheses. They also considered the concept of sustainability by experiencing first hand how humans gain and impact the coasts of Thailand. They were particularly moved by the threat and importance of  the mangrove ecosystem, to both the future of the fishing communities and protection against extreme weather.

Finally, we enjoyed eating local seafood, working as a team and spending time talking geography!! It was great to see these young adults share meals, laughter and consider the balance of all pillars of sustainability 




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