Globally Minded Week 2023 - Bangkok Prep

Globally Minded Week 2023

What an excellent and diverse Globally Minded Week we had at Bangkok Prep!

An action packed Friday concluded an excellent and diverse Globally Minded Week at which showcased a phenomenal and inclusive array of opportunities on offer to all students, staff and parents.

From our inspirational guest speaker, Somsak Boonkam who explored our pillars of Sustainability to our parent led Food Festival as part of International Day to the culmination of our UK Forest Schools Level 2 and Level 3 Leaders course at the Forest Campus!

The whole school came together to explore delights from around the globe as we celebrated our Global Food Festival! The Sports Hall was buzzing and filled with delectable aromas from different countries around the world. All members of our community were able to sample new foods and also share their country’s cuisine with their classmates. It was an incredible ending to our Globally Minded Week! 

A huge thank you to everyone involved in organising the food festival and making it such a memorable and truly global occasion for the Bangkok Prep Community!

It was amazing to reflect on the individuals and teams that passionately drive their visions to make them a reality!




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