Hamilton Mathematical Olympiad - Bangkok Prep

Hamilton Mathematical Olympiad

In March, Year 10 students Atty, Pearn and Takumi participated in the Hamilton Mathematical Olympiad and were 3 of the 600 students globally who qualified for the Olympiad following their impressive performance in the UKMT Intermediate Maths Challenge. 

The highest-scoring participants each receive Certificates of Distinction and Merit. Each of the top 20 scorers receive a gold medal, the next 30 a silver medal and the next 50 a bronze medal. Each student that has earned a medal also receives a book prize. This year’s book prize is Introduction to Algebra by Jeremy King.

I am so proud to announce that Atty not only achieved a Certificate of Distinction but also a Gold medal meaning he was one of the top 20 participants. This is an incredible achievement given that tens of thousands of students from around the world participate in the initial challenge. Pearn’s great performance secured him a Certificate of Merit and Takumi was awarded a Certificate of Qualification acknowledging what an achievement it was to be selected for this challenge. 

Congratulations once again to Atty, Pearn and Takumi for representing Bangkok Prep in such a prestigious competition. You are all wonderful mathematicians and should be so proud of your achievements.


Miss Anna Warburton
Teacher of Mathematics


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