Harvesting The Corn Crop At The Bangkok Prep Forest

Harvesting the corn crop at the Bangkok Prep Forest Schools Initiative

Back in November 2019, Bangkok Prep community members joined the first Community Day at the Bangkok Prep Forest Schools Initiative, where one of the activities was to plant sweetcorn on our allotment.

Three and a half months later, our harvest has provided two large baskets, each weighing over 20 kilograms, of naturally grown sweetcorn. The remaining corn husks and plants were fed to the pigs and goats on the Get Growing Community Farm, reflecting our mission of sustainability.

Reflecting on the whole process, the children can see how long it takes to grow corn and can appreciate the effort it takes to go from farm to table.

On our second Community Day, other vegetables were planted and have already started sprouting. For those who planted the beans and other greens, please don’t forget to go and pick them soon as they are almost ready!

Please feel free to go and plant any vegetables you wish on our allotment, but remember to find and follow the instructions on the spacing of the seeds to allow better crops.

Polapat (Paul) Leenutaphong
Community Coordinator

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