Head of School Message - Friday 6th April 2023 - Bangkok Prep

Head of School Message – Friday 6th April 2023

The Songkran holiday is upon us and I am sure that you are all looking forward to a well earned break. During the break, I expect that many of us will be travelling on holiday and meeting family and friends. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of the students and Bangkok Prep for their remarkable progress in Term 2. Our school is more popular than ever and our reputation as a high performing British international school continues to grow. I would also like to thank all Bangkok Prep families for their unwavering support and commitment to their children’s learning. 

Songkran derives from a Sanskrit phrase that means ‘to pass’ or ‘to begin over.’ Much like New Year’s celebrations in other parts of the globe, Songkran is seen as a room for new beginnings and a chance to start again.

It is a significant holiday in Thailand. Typically, individuals will pay at least one visit to a nearby temple for prayer. In addition, people will bring food and offerings to Buddhist monks. The monks will pray for them in return. Songkran is also a time for people to spend meaningful time with their families. 

There is much to look forward to in Term 3. I hope that you are able to attend our Forest Campus Community Day in May.

I trust that you have been able to visit the new Primary facilities @77 and we intend to host a multitude of events in these new learning spaces during Term 3.  Please follow this link for more details about the next academic year PRIMARY CAMPUS @77 UPDATE FROM THE HEAD OF SCHOOL

I wish you all a very ‘Happy Thai New Year’ and I am sure that we can all expect a more optimistic Term 3. I look forward to seeing you all safe and well when school reopens on Monday 24th April.

Warm regards


Head of School 


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