Higher Education Updates - 03.03.2023 - Bangkok Prep

Higher Education Updates – 03.03.2023

University of Bristol Guest Lecture Series


As part of the Introduction to Studying in the UK series, the Bangkok Prep Higher Education Office is proud to invite three academics from the University of Bristol to our school to conduct lectures/taster sessions on topics that may be of interest to our students on 13 March 2023. While this session was arranged for Year 12 students, parents and students of other year groups are also welcomed to join us. Please read the profile of the lectures and a brief synopsis of their lecture, and if you are keen, please register using this link.

Dr. Elek Monar, Lecturer in Neuroscience

International Director, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bristol

Elek Molnar graduated in General Medicine (MD) from the Albert Szent-Györgyi University, Szeged, Hungary in 1986 and remained there as a Research Fellow in Biochemistry. He moved in 1989 to the State University of New York, Syracuse, NY, USA where he carried out research for his PhD. In 1991 he joined the Medical Research Council (MRC) Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit, University of Oxford, UK where he started his studies of glutamate receptors (GluRs). In 1997 he was appointed as Lecturer in Pharmacology at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. In 1999 he joined the MRC Centre for Synaptic Plasticity, University of Bristol, UK, where he was appointed as Professor of Neuroscience in 2004. His studies focus on developmental and activity dependent changes in the molecular organisation, signalling and function of GluRs. He applies a combination of molecular, pharmacological, immunochemical and imaging approaches to gain understanding of the roles of GluRs in the central nervous system and their involvement in learning, memory and various neurological disorders. EM’s major teaching responsibilities are in the Medical, Dental, Neuroscience,Pharmacology and Biomedical Sciences undergraduate and postgraduate Programmes. He will highlight the wide range of topics that can be studied at the Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Bristol and the rewarding international careers that are open to graduates.

Lecture Title: Molecular and Cellular mechanisms of learning and memory

This lecture will introduce students to the structure of a synapse,mechanism of excitatory transmission in the central nervous system and the roles of different glutamate receptors in synaptic plasticity. We will consider how and why the brain modifies synaptic strength during normal function (in particular, during learning and memory) and in certain pathological states (such as dementia and stroke).


Dr. Manuelo Pedio, Lecturer in Finance 

Manuela Pedio is a senior lecturer in Finance. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Finance from Catholic University in Italy and she joined the university of Bristol in 2020. She teaches Quantitative Methods for Finance at both undergraduate and postgraduate level and supervises. Her research is in the area of asset pricing and she will talk about the role of new technologies (such as cryptocurrencies) in finance.

Lecture Title: The Fintech Revolution: The good, the bad, and the ugly

In this lecture, Pedio will talk about how technology is revolutionising finance by granting wider access to financial markets and decentralising the way in which transactions are made (the so-called democratisation of financial markets), followed by a review on the benefits and emphasis on threats and challenges as well.


Dr. Jahir Islam, Lecturer in Economics

Jahir Islam has been an academic at Bristol since 2005. He was Programme Director for undergraduate Economics programmes from 2010-2015 and is now School of Economics International Director and responsible for international student recruitment and partnership for the school. His teaching area includes development economics, international trade, globalisation and growth. He teaches undergraduates across all years as well as postgraduate students. He will deliver a talk on the interrelationship between economic growth, sustainable development and economic inequality, challenges for translating growth into development and relevant policy implications. He will provide an overview of undergraduate economics programmes at the university.

Lecture Title: Why sustainable economic development and not just growth

Economic growth is considered to be the main driver of economic development through trickle down effect. However, conversion of growth into development is not always guaranteed, particularly due to the absence of an environment where opportunities for and realisation of potentials of the wider population are ensured. Moreover, in the face of internal and external shocks it is a challenge for many developing countries to maintain the benefits of development for future generations. The lecture will attempt to link growth, development and their sustainability by highlighting areas of complementarity and trade-off. The session will also provide a brief discussion on issues that make sustainability of human development a challenge.


Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Scholarship

NABA, International Academy of Art and Design has launched ‘NABA’S GOT TALENT’, offering international students a scholarship covering up to €7.000 of the tuition fee for the Bachelor of Arts Degree Programmes starting in October 2023 in both Milan and Rome campuses.

The scholarship competition is open to International students for Bachelor of Arts Degree Programmes, Academic Year 2023/24.

The scholarship competition aims to select the best international profiles and support outstanding talents.

For more information, visit: https://competition.naba.it/undergraduate-competition-announcement-02-23/#.Y_6vdnZBzcs 

(Poster/brochure available here: https://competition.naba.it/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/NABA_NABAs_GotTalent_2023.pdf)


Imperial College Global Design Space Challenge, 2023 Summer Course  

“The most exciting UK summer course and an absolute “must” for aspiring engineering undergraduates”


Please find a prospectus for the Global Space Design Challenge along with an electronic expression of interest form, which can be accessed here GSDC Expression of Interest Form – July 2023.

This course is run at Imperial College, the UK’s leading science university and is ideal for the brightest UK and international students (aged 15-18), who aspire to study science or engineering at the world’s top universities. It includes an intensive and professional programme of training by expert engineers and academics from Imperial, Oxford and industry-leading space companies. This is followed by an industrial design simulation which exposes students to the joys and challenges of working in a team culminating in an aerospace proposal competition. Students compete in teams to build the best community in outer space.

The course is perfect for students aiming for careers in space science, aeronautical engineering, robotics, or automation. They will experience an exciting, motivational, and competitive space design programme, learning and working with top academics from Imperial and Oxford.

This 4 day / 5 night fully residential programme runs from 19th-24th July 2023. The cost for UK and EU students is £2195; and for Rest of the World students, the cost is £2695.


Student Blog: Skills to learn before University

“Before high school exams you should understand your offer and consider joining offer holder groups. After your exams, you can do some pre-reading, but more importantly, do the fun things you never had time for before!” 

 – Sharvani, Natural Science, Third year, University of Cambridge


Read the full article here.


University of Toronto Information Session

Their International Recruitment Team from the University of Toronto would love to connect with you in-person and give you in-depth information about their three campuses, the admissions process and requirements, programs, residences, unique learning opportunities and answer any questions you may have about becoming a University of Toronto student.

If you are interested in participating in this event, please RSVP by filling out the form below.


We look forward to meeting you in person! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover your future at U of T!


The Straits Times Education Forum in partnership with SMU

 Saturday, 11 March 2023, 10am–12pm

The Singapore Management University would like to invite you to join them for a stimulating discussion on the global opportunities in the green economy, at The Straits Times (ST) Education Forum in partnership with Singapore Management University (SMU). This event will be held on Saturday, 11 March 2023 from 10am to 12pm. Please scroll down for event details.


As this is a by-invitation-only complimentary event, and we have limited seats on a first-come-first-served basis, please register promptly to join us virtually. A Zoom link will be sent nearer the date after registration.


Saturday, March 11, 2023

10.00am Start of Forum
  Keynote Address by Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education
  Panel Discussion: “Higher education’s role in building a sustainable and resilient future”

  • Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Education
  • Ben King, Country Managing Director, Google Singapore
  • Frank Koo, Head of Asia, Talent & Learning Solutions, LinkedIn
  • Professor Timothy Clark, Provost, Singapore Management University
  • Professor Annie Koh, Professor Emeritus of Finance, Singapore Management University (Moderator)

Click here for Panellists’ Bios


Question & Answer Session

 Note: Send us your questions ahead of the Forum, at https://str.sg/wtRn.

12.00pm End of Forum
Virtual A Zoom link will be sent nearer the date after registration


If you are keen, please register and participate in this discussion which promises to be a meaningful and engaging forum.

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