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History News @ T77

Year 10 History Challenge

Last week, both Year 10 History classes joined together in order to recreate an event from one of the most critical moments of World History – The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Students were taught lessons on the background to the crisis and then worked in pairs to portray a member of Kennedy’s special EXCOMM committee that was established to deal with the crisis on a day to day basis. They were given information about their character and what their view would have been. Kennedy’s cabinet were split between those who wanted to be aggressive towards the USSR (Hawks) and those who wanted a more peaceful resolution (Doves). Students from 10A, taught by Miss Giddings, represented the Hawks, while students from 10C, taught by Miss Allen, represented the Doves.

We booked the boardroom at T77 to host the two hour session. Students were briefed at the start and shown the original U2 spy photos that drew the President’s attention to the missiles that the Soviet Union place on Cuba in October 1962. Students were given a range of options to discuss and had to stay in character throughout the event. Sing took the part of JFK and chaired the meeting, while Sang took the role of RFK, who helped with the votes. The students were briefed on military actions day by day and were given information about the real life response to events.

Students were exceptional throughout the challenge. They all got involved, either by participating in debate or through preparing notes to help their partner. Each student understood the significance of the events and understood different motivations of people involved, especially the USA and USSR. They were able to evaluate how it impacted relationships between the Superpowers at the time.

Year 10 Historians have been very complimentary about their experiences. Feedback included “we NEED to do more of these activities!”, while Pam stated that “this was my first debate and it was actually a very impressive experience.” Although not everyone was as thrilled, with one student claiming that Phuris (in role as General Curtis LeMay) talked too much!!

KS4 & 5 History Trip

Following on from the success of the 2016 Berlin & Krakow trip, the History department is once again offering this opportunity to Key Stage 4 and 5 students – current Year 9 and above. Running in February Half Term 2020, the trip promises to be an exciting way to enrich the curriculum. Details are available from ngiddings@bkkprep.ac.th


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