IGCSE Certificate Presentation - Bangkok Prep

IGCSE Certificate Presentation

Tuesday 13th November marked a celebration of the success of our Year 12 students in passing their IGCSE examinations. Parents, students and teachers all came together for the ceremony to celebrate. 49.0% of the grades achieved by Bangkok Prep students were A* or A and 21 students at the school last year achieved A*’s or A’s in at least 5 subjects. Lots of our new students achieved superb results too and were involved in the celebration. The award of the IGCSE certificates marks the end of Key Stage 4 and the transition to Key Stage 5. The IGCSE’s were earned from lots of hard work, many late nights and blood sweat and tears during Year 10 and 11. Nafisa, our Deputy Head Girl spoke on behalf of the year group and Boat played the Bach Invention 14 by JS Bach.

The Year 12’s who received their certificates are an impressive range of students. Some have been at the school a long time, some have only been at the school for a few months. We celebrated achievements from a time when some of of the students didn’t know each other. They sat their exams in different exam halls, in different schools and in different time zones.

We invited the tutors, Year Leader and Key Stage Leader who supported the students last year at Prep, we are quite sure their support and care during Key Stage 4 made a huge difference.  Thank you to you Mr Conway, Ms Dixon, Mr Spence, Ms Waszczylko and Mr Woods.

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