In Celebration of Pip's Outstanding Achievements - Computer Science - Bangkok Prep

In Celebration of Pip’s Outstanding Achievements – Computer Science

Pip’s impressive WPM in the PCTC competition


We’d like to congratulate Pip on his performance in this year’s Oxford University Computing Challenge.

In Term 2, we received the wonderful news that Pip would be the first student ever at Bangkok Prep to proceed onto the final round of the competition, following an impressive 100% result in the first round.

Pip participated in the final round in February, and despite the problems being a lot more challenging (requiring A Level concepts far beyond his studies as a Year 10 student), he was able to secure the outstanding result of being ranked 8th Best in the World.

I’m sure you will agree this is wonderful news for Pip and the school given that the competition had 20,042 participants over the different age categories!

Pip receiving his OUCC final round certificate

Pip (Y10) has had an outstanding year overall in Computer Science. Alongside his excellent performance in class his other accolades include:

  • Finishing the international programming competition Coding Quest 2023 ranked 7th out of more than 600 students across 112 different schools.
  • Leading a team of 3 students through to the second round of the Perse Coding Team Challenge, who went on to achieve ‘Best in School’ for their performance.
  • Completing all 25 days’ worth of puzzles in the Advent of Code competition and achieving ‘Best in School’.
  • Achieving a ‘Top 5% of all participants’ result in the Hacktwober programming competition.
  • Scoring 100% in the UK Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge 2022.

Pip is currently hard at work creating his own programming / problem solving competition for other students to participate in and we are excited to see the finished product – watch this space!


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