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Inter Clinches Gold in IDPA Championship 2024

Congratulations to Inter in Year 11 who secured 1st place in the recent IDPA Championship 2024, held on January 3-4 2024 in Hua Hin. This outstanding accomplishment is not only a testament to Inter’s dedication and perseverance in the sport of shooting but is also an inspiration to our community.

We caught up with Inter to ask a few questions following his recent achievements and help foster a deeper understanding of the sport and the level of commitment required at a competitive level.


Can you share with us what it felt like to stand out among 350 international competitors?

After the success in this match, I am proud to see the hard work I put in nearly every day has paid off.


What inspired you to get into shooting, and how did you prepare for this competition? 

I am inspired by the sport itself, the sport is fun, competitive and has a nice community. I prepared for this competition by making sure that no gear or equipment will malfunction by giving it all a test a few days before the match.


How did you and your team train together, and what do you believe was the key to your collective success?

I do practise at both the range or at home every day, working on the weaker areas. The key to my success is, I usually perform 90% of what I actually do in practise to make sure there won’t be any mistakes/errors.


What advice would you give to young shooters who dream of achieving similar success in the shooting sports?

Don’t try to go faster than how you actually trained and practised in the real match.


How did you celebrate these victories, and what do they mean to you personally and professionally?

Winning the nationals this year means to me that next year I will have to work even harder to secure this spot as well.


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