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International Award Bronze

The International Award Bronze qualifying adventurous journey took place in Khao Yai from 19th to the 21st of March. In total 15 students from Year 10, took part in what was a very enjoyable and rewarding trip. The students had to battle blistering temperatures and difficult terrain, to hike on average about 7 hours a day.

On the first day, one group, climbed a mountain and then descended the other side using their navigation expertise. This was achieved completely independently and with great teamwork which is what the spirit in the International Award is all about.

The second day proved to be the most gruelling as one of the routes took a lot longer to navigate that was originally planned. It as a testament to the student’s character and determination that they were not to be deterred and they all successfully finished the route. It was a fantastic achievement and the students deserve huge credit for showing such fortitude in challenging circumstances. All the students successfully finished the adventurous journey. Next up, the silver practice and qualifying, a new challenge and new adventure.

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