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International Day at Secondary

International Day at Secondary – Monday 7th November 2023: 

The secondary campus hosted its annual International Day last Monday and it was a day filled with colour and culture and a vibrancy that reflects the feeling of the school this year.

It has been a challenge for the world, the last few years and to all of the smiling faces (many of which were stuffed with food!) on this year’s celebration of International cultures was warming to the soul.

A highlight to all of the students was the opening session – which you can read all about here – hosted by Ms. Cantrill. A panel of ‘international professionals’ to put it mildly covered all areas of what it truly means to be ‘Internationally minded’.

The rest of the morning was about being creative and open-minded and trying to engage with lifestyles and cultures that students, and staff need to connect with more regularly.

The day finished with a choice of 5 activities for the students. They could take part in Spartan Sports, World Literature, Kulture Klub, International Movie or Dancing Divas. All of which were closely considered as being events that the students could enjoy and learn from.

As always, The FOBP needs a huge thanks. They always deliver and today was no exception. With food stalls from 10 countries offering spices, sweets and sour and savouries. Dishes that still make my mouth water! Please enjoy the images taken on the day. Please feel free to share any pictures with the school that you captured yourself.

Many thanks to all the staff, parents and friends of Bangkok Prep for putting on such a memorable and fantastic day.


Dan O’Shea

Lead Teacher for PSHE

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