Internationally-Minded Panel Discussion - Bangkok Prep

Internationally-Minded Panel Discussion

As part of the secondary school’s Internationally-Minded Day on Monday, we were very fortunate to welcome three inspirational guests speakers to talk about their personal and professional experiences of “Living in the Wider World”: One of three core themes of the PSHE curriculum.

We were joined by Dr. Jonathan Fletcher, who shares insights into his experiences as a medical doctor in the UK, linking health to wider social determinants. Dr. Jonathan then reflected on his contributions to the Urban Neighbours of Hope organisation, where he gets to work with the most underprivileged members of Thai society on a daily basis, and where cultural sensitivity, understanding and empathy are crucial.

We also welcomed Mr. Michal Sveda to join the discussion. As the Deputy Head of Mission at The Embassy of the Czech Republic, it was fascinating to learn about how his journey has evolved, from a career in Law, to working in a range of contexts from developed countries to war-torn conflict zones. The reflections on direct experience of living in different places really helped to reinforce the key message about the importance of us understanding and respecting our similarities and differences.

Also a part of the panel was Ambassador Lindsay Kiptiness, who is the Ambassador of Kenya to Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. The Ambassador’s contributions were highly enlightening as we considered how important it is to be internationally-minded, to build positive relationships within and between nations, and how this extends to considering our social and environmental responsibilities as global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

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